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Former Community Club Students Join NYAEF's Board

The New York Avenue Educational Foundation has elected two former Community Club students - Natasha Dupee and Khufu Edwards - to its Board of Directors.

Natasha, who earned her B.A. from GWU in 2012 and her M.Ed. from U-Missouri-St. Louis in 2014, is Senior Disabilities Services Associate at GWU, and was just elected as an Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner for her Southeast D.C. neighborhood. Khufu is a 2019 graduate of West Virginia University, where he had a double major in Finance and Management, and is an Investment Analyst at PGIM Real Estate. Both participated in Community Club while attending the School Without Walls in D.C.

Since 1984, the Foundation has supported Community Club and other organizations that tutor, mentor and empower students throughout Washington, D.C. Through its grants, it has helped more than 750 students from Community Club (its primary grantee) set a course for success in school and throughout life.

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