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Illustrative Grantees

The New York Avenue Educational Foundation is committed to supporting vibrant, youth-oriented organizations in Washington, DC that add to the rich educational and cultural tapestry of the city.


The Foundation has provided grants to groups providing educational, artistic, and performance opportunities for children and teenagers in Washington, DC. Many of our grantees are small organizations in the early stages of development. For such organizations, our grants are an acknowledgment of their mission, their accomplishments to date, and their aspirations for growth and continued excellence.


Below is an illustrative list of organizations supported by the Foundation..


Northeast Performing Arts Group 

Grant to support after school and summer programs with studio classes and performing arts productions for students in Ward 7.


D. C. Creative Writing Workshop

Grant to enable classroom and after school writing and acting workshops for students at D. C. Hart Middle School and Ballou High School.  Provides opportunities for students to produce plays and to attend local museums and live theater.  


Kid Power

Grant to support the Citizenship Project at Sousa Middle School where youth work with mentors on civic engagement.  Youth-led service projects allow students to carry their lessons into their communities.


Resources for Inner City Children 

Grant for the Saturday Math/English Academy at Cesar Chavez Middle School that provides strong teachers and resources with the aim of reducing the dropout rate and raising self-esteem.


Live It, Learn It

Grant to provide academic materials for enrichment programs for 4th, 5th, and 6th graders in Ward 7 and 8. Students participate in classes and focused trips to DC’s world class resources.  


Free Minds Book Club and Writing Workshop 

Grant to provide mentoring and support for incarcerated youth ages 16-17 as they serve time, reenter society, and establish educational and career goals.   


Project Create

Grant to support arts education and positive development for children, youth, and families experiencing homelessness and poverty.

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